Basic services

Service Distance Details Coordinates
restaurant 200 m Open from 5 p.m. 3 more restaurants in the village open the whole day. 50.7724983N, 15.3581828E
 railway station 800 m Station Kořenov, line 036 Liberec – Tanvald – Harrachov – Szklarska Poręba, timetable here. 50.7701508N, 15.3655856E
 bus station 800 m Stop Kořenov,Polubný,kostel or Kořenov,ž, 50.7710736N, 15.3460806E
convenience store 2,5 km Open MO-WE,FR 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.; TH,SA 7-11 a.m. 50.7687489N, 15.3813097E
 ATM Desná 6 km, Tanvald 8 km Desná – KB; Tanvald – banks GE, ČS, ČSOB; 50.7561728N, 15.3142589E
 post office Kořenov 3 km, Tanvald 8 km Kořenov open MO-FR 9-11 a.m. and 2:30-4:30 p.m.; Tanvald open MO-SA 8 a.m.-18 p.m. 50.7553039N, 15.3610044E
 pharmacy Desná 6 km 50.7561728N, 15.3142589E
 hospital Tanvald 9 km Nemocnice Tanvald 50.7401453N, 15.3015344E
supermarket Tanvald 11 km Lidl, Billa, Penny Market 50.7366203N, 15.3062644E

Ski resorts

Only the most famous resorts in the area are listed. The total number of tows and resorts in the Jizera Mountains and Krkonoše National Park are counted to dozens.

Resort Distance Details Coordinates
Jizerský kopec tow 200 m  Irregular operation  50.7732703N, 15.3590089E
Entrance to the ski tracks Horní Polubný 800 m  50.7710989N, 15.3467567E
Ski resort Desná – Černá říčka 2,8 km  50.7790233N, 15.3232175E
Entrance to the ski tracks Souš 5,4 km  50.7927656N, 15.3219731E
Entrance to the ski tracks Jizerka 5,8 km  50.8111819N, 15.3527003E
Ski resort Harrachov 7 km  50.7612594N, 15.4322225E
Ski resort Paseky nad Jizerou 7 km  50.7286047N, 15.3828914E
Ski resort Tanvaldský Špičák 10 km  50.7529383N, 15.2814394E
Ski resort Rokytnice nad Jizerou 14 km  50.7437606N, 15.4923253E
Ski resort Severák 21 km  50.7745742N, 15.1899208E
Ski resort Szrenica 22 km  50.8184369N, 15.5174403E
Ski resort Bedřichov 25 km  50.7860050N, 15.1401392E

Summer trips tips

Only the most attractive places for summer tourism in the area are listed. The Jizera Mountains and the Krkonoše Natonal Park offer countless possibilities for summer activities.

Centre Distance Details Coordinates
Kořenov Railway Station 900 m Mining railway, heating plant, railway museum, regular weekend summer events; 50.7704267N, 15.3630456E
Natural swimming pool Jizera 2,5 km 50.7686356N, 15.3819711E
Souš dam 4,5 km Swimming not allowed 50.7896856N, 15.3183358E
Harrachov 5 km Swimming pool, minigolf, bobsleigh track, rope center, park, mining museum, exhibitions, etc. 50.7776386N, 15.4111722E
Exposition of the light fortification 5,3 km Guided tours in the object LO vz. 37 “Na Pomezí” 50.7495839N, 15.3645142E
Jizerka village 5,5 km Old meadow, museum of the Jizera Mountains, tourist routes, etc. 50.8133367N, 15.3524642E
Štěpánka lookout tower 5,5 km Open daily 10:30 a.m. – 6 p.m., entry fee charged 50.7465053N, 15.3658869E
Mumlava waterfall 10 km 50.7706547N, 15.4532308E
Josefův Důl dam 22 km Swimming not allowed 50.7929017N, 15.1914886E
Jablonec nad Nisou town 22 km Mšeno dam, swimming pool, cultural centre 50.7329650N, 15.1777558E
Bedřichov dam 25 km Swimming allowed, nude beach 50.8169181N, 15.1372317E
Liberec 30 km The oldest zoological garden in the Czech Republic, the oldest botanical garden in the Czech Republic, the Babylon Center, the historical center and a lot more. 50.7699972N, 15.0584492E