The house is situated in the beautiful hills of the eastern part of the Jizera Mountains, almost on the border with the Krkonoše National Park and with Poland. It is part of the village of Horní Polubný, which is part of the village Kořenov. The possibilities of enjoyment vary according to the season, but one is certain – everybody will enjoy it. Whether you are lovers of winter sports, cycling, hiking or exploring all kinds!

Downhill skiers will appreciate the smaller ski slope, Jizerský kopec, with evening skiing just a few meters from the cottage. The more demanding skiers will enjoy well-known slopes such as Černá Říčka, Rejdice, Paseky nad Jizerou, Tanvaldský Špičák, Harrachov and others. The cross-country skiers have a well-known cross-country ski trails called Jizerská Magistrála, which is within walking distance.

In the summer, it is the perfect place for cyclists and tourists. Throughout and surrounding Horní Polubný are several hiking and cycling trails. Horní Polubný is also the closest village to the popular Jizerka village, where for example, the European Dark Reserve is located. The beautiful deep forests of Jizera Mountains which stretch tens of kilometres to the north, is situated at the peak of where our cottage is located.

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